By: Hannah Kendrick –

PJASWhat you may be asking yourself is what even is PJAS and why does it concern me? Well, PJAS stands for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. According to one of the moderators, Mrs. Marita Howell, “ PJAS is where a student performs an original experiment using the steps in the scientific method.”

Student’s are challenged to come up with a scientific experiment that would be beneficial in some way to the world, then with a little guidance from Mrs. Howell and Mrs. Brinzer (the moderators), they perform their experiment and one day in February present that idea.

If you are a person interested in working in a science field and are a strong independent worker, this is the perfect activity for you.

Why is this a good program to get involved in? According to Mrs. Jean Brinzer, “PJAS provides a good opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and presentation skills. For upperclassmen there are also opportunities to compete for college scholarships.”

These are great skills that will help push you further in life. Not only can this program help you later on in life with all of the recognition a prestigious organization like this has in the real world.  Many companies work hand in hand with PJAS founders and start to look at children and their achievements at the start of their time in PJAS.

As a participant you open yourself up into a new world of opportunities.If this doesn’t motivate you to pursue an interest there are also Special Awards for excellence in projects that come with a monetary prize. This is an amazing program to become involved with. For the 2014-2015 year the event has come to a close, regionals have ended and two student have been sent to states. Next year you can contact either one of the moderators to find out how you can join and start to look out for your future.


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