Ode to the Museum of Holden Caulfield

By: Ed Rosenbusch

What a great museum you have wrought,

With the Lions, Tigers, and Bears you’ve sought.

To make this place perfect to you,

For they do not morph or change from view.

For that is what you want,

To nevermore let them hunt.

In your museum they stay forevermore,

Only change for you is in store.

For everything is perfect here,

And there is nothing more for you to fear.

Your museum does not threaten you,

Because it does not change to your point of view.

It is what you lack you are afraid of,

But what is constant it what you love.

Your museum never changes,

Though you do all the time,

Your museum is your safe house,

Holding back life that wants to pounce.

A place where you will be just fine,

Your little own rift in time.

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