NYC’s Seinfeld Tour: Still a Draw

By: Kevin Curran –

If you happen to love Seinfeld as much as I do, then taking a Seinfeld tour in New York City is right up your alley. This year’s SLS senior class, like more than 40 before it, will be taking the annual trip to the ‘Big Apple’ courtesy of our English Department and specifically Mr. John Manner, its chairperson.

There are tours that are given by Kenny Kramer who was Larry David’s actual crazy neighbor and was depicted as Cosmo Kramer in the show. The “real” Kramer invites you to join him as he takes you on a 3 hour bus tour of New York City.

He is a licensed tour guide and who else would be a better tour guide than the “actual” Kramer himself. He takes you to multiple locations such as the Soup Shop from the “Soup Nazi” episode.  After that, he takes you to the office building where Elaine worked for Pendant Publishing. He then of course takes you to the iconic Monk’s Restaurant (which is really Tom’s Restaurant). It is located at 112th and Broadway on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. On the show, this is where the gang routinely meets to chat, and it has the distinction of being the only place where Elaine can get her favorite “Big Salad”.

After a few photo opportunities, he then takes you to see where Elaine bought her last sponge. Kramer then takes you back to the restaurant at the bottom of his building for homemade pizza and dessert. The dessert is appropriately a snickers served with a fork and knife from the episode “The Pledge Drive”.

Finally, you get to visit the actual apartments that the set was based off of. Some people may not realize that the official street address Jerry Seinfeld always used, 129 W. 81st Street, in reality looks nothing like the exterior picture that they would always show on the Seinfeld Television Show.

Manhattan’s West 81st Street is a fairly narrow, very pretty tree-lined street full of brownstones and quaint buildings, and it is where the real Jerry Seinfeld lived back in his New York stand-up comic days before becoming a big TV star. Meanwhile, Seinfeld co-creator Larry David lived in midtown in a big apartment building on 43rd Street and 10th Avenue. And his real-life wacky neighbor was a guy named Kenny Kramer.


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