No Play? No Way!

By: Ricky Mellick

At our first day at Seton during freshman orientation, one of the first things they told us is that high school will almost become a second home because of all the sports and activities. One of the speakers even said that she was there with her friends until midnight working on posters with her friends a few nights before. As a freshman, who isn’t done with the first semester yet, even I can agree with this because I get picked up for school at 6:30 every morning and I don’t get home until 6:30 or later every night because of sports. And when I leave the school, I am not the last one there because many people still have activities going on.

Now let’s step back and see how lucky we are for this, to be able to have a school we can say is our second home, where I can spend 12 hours a day with my friends and participate in such a wide variety of sports and clubs. But then let’s look at everything else going on with schools and places around us. Many private and public schools, as well as some universities, are dropping many of their sports and clubs to save money and this leaves many people with nothing to do. I know that at Seton La-Salle all of my friends are in at least one club or one sport, and most of my friends participate in more than one. This leads me to wonder, what would happen if Seton dropped its sports and clubs? What would we do outside of school?  I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like. My favorite past time after school and during the weekends is sports. I love sports and I don’t know what I would do without them. Since last March, back when I was still in 8th grade at St. Louise, I have either had lifting, and now to add on to that, indoor track is starting and the basketball season is just kicking off. I also know that basketball practices have been almost every day since the summer too, so many of the athletes at Seton never get a break from their sports.

In addition, I know that there are some people who are actively involved in many clubs and that’s how they love to pass the time. Take Ben Greffenstette, for example. Ben is a freshman who ran for Student Council President, and also participates in 10 sports and clubs.  Now think, what would we do if we didn’t have sports and clubs? Would we just go home and study until 10 o’clock, wake up and go to school and do the same thing over and over? What fun things would we do to pass the time? Some people might say “Oh I’d be fine just going home and watching TV” or “I’d go hang out with my friends everyday” or even “I think I’d be okay if I just stayed home and studied”. But in all seriousness, how many times can you go hang out with the same group of people every day or stay home and study for hours and hours every day, before it’s just boring?

I think that if our school took away sports and clubs, you would see more kids getting in trouble, because they have no activities to be suspended from, I think some kids grades would rise because they don’t have things taking up their free time, but I also think many kids grades would decline because they simply don’t feel trying anymore and because they have no activities to be ineligible from.

In conclusion, I think that we all need to be very thankful for our coaches and staff for giving their free time to help us, the athletic director and administrators for being so cooperative and open to new ideas for sports and clubs, and also to the boosters clubs for raising money for all of them. Without these people, we’d all be going home on the bus every day.

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