Ninja Watches Some ‘Classics:’ This Ain’t ‘Citizen Kane,’ Folks.

What’s up, Seton? Just got done with my newest round of noteworthy Netflix movies. I have to say these past few weeks I have been all about the classics.

GravityBefore I go into what movies I watched on Netflix these past weeks, I am about to go off on a rant about a movie currently in theatres: Gravity.

This movie could not have been worse. Watching it in 3D made me dizzy, the theater I was in had the volume WAAAAAY too loud (not that that’s the movie’s fault, but I am still going to blame Mr. Clooney (the director).)

Sandra Bullock breathing, groaning and moaning made up roughly 86% of the movie’s lines, and basically every single thing that could go wrong on a space mission, did.

Visually, yeah, there were some visually appealing pieces, but holy cow, was I mad after that movie.

Okay, now back to Netflix. They have been updating (or downdating, I guess) their selections of the classics we all know and love. Certainly all the TV shows remain (okay I’ll admit it, I haven’t seen ‘Breaking Bad.’ I’ve just never gotten into it, but it is on Netflix (if you’re one of those people.) but now they have some very noteworthy classics.

So to start off with, I must admit I hadn’t seen this movie since I was 9 or so, but I think 248-ghostbusterI appreciated more of the humor now. Ghostbusters is available on Netflix, and I must say, something about this movie makes me mad. I think it’s the fact that a movie like that, with older special effects and essentially unknown actors can be so good and a movie like Gravity can be so bad (I’m still steaming about this).

If you don’t know a single thing about Ghostbusters and have never heard the song before, I’m not sure you should be reading this because you’re not someone I want to associate with. Worse, if you are one of those people who doesn’t like this movie. I can honestly say I hate you and please go away. I’m not going to hold your hand and walk you through the plot, but there are probably other people like me out there, who haven’t seen this movie in a ‘coons age, so I’d suggest it.

Additionally, the movie Forrest Gump is also available, but that movie is in a whole different category of classics. No one needs me to explain the greatness of that movie.


Finally, I watched the movie Act of Valor. While all of the acting is done by active duty Marines, the plot of this movie was so confusing that I’m not sure it should have passed basic training. They go all over the world hunting terrorists. I understand, that as Americans, we love that kind of thing, (‘MURICA!) but the plot is incoherent.

I understand I am walking on a tightrope with this one due to the fact that these Marines are giving their life to the country and I am sitting here writing stupid reviews about movies, but I don’t have qualms (look at that SAT word) about their acting; I have it about the plot. These same Marines are in Africa, then South America, then Russia, then the Middle East. I’m sorry but there is no way this same group of like 8 guys would be going to all of those places. These are not the only soldiers in the entire United States Army! I thought it was a pretty interesting way of looking at military service however.


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