NHS Induction

By: Katherine Quigley

On May 20th in the Seton-La Salle auditorium, our annual National Honor Society Induction ceremony took place. The SLS concert band marked the occasion with a March Fanfare as the inductees processed into their seats amid the congregation. It was a beautiful and reverent sight as parents took pictures and beamed with pride at their beloved children. The night began with a prayer from Father Ken and lovely introduction by Mrs. Conwell, the moderator of “NHS”. Soon after, awards and scholarships were being given and received in memorial of late graduates and in celebration of outstanding scholastic talent. Faces of shock and excitement were passed throughout students, teachers, and parents alike. Several speeches were given by the Treasurer, Senator, Vice President, and President of the National Honor Society. They encouraged juniors to work hard and achieve greatness in their senior year and beyond with their motivational words. The joy that spread throughout the room was palpable as the induction segment of the evening commenced. Each new member received a certificate and returning seniors earned cords. The National Honor Society pledge was then recited and students made a powerful vow to uphold the standards of the school by continuing to live as an example for those around them. Senior activity plaques and certificates were awarded by Mr. Klisavage, our activities director. Mrs. Martin left us with inspiring words and the band’s fanfare signified the ending of the regal ceremony. Refreshments were available in the cafeteria afterwards and the opportunity to take pictures came for parents and students dressed for the occasion. It was a celebratory night for students who were each deserving of the recognition and the awards that they received for their successes here at Seton-La Salle Catholic High School.


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