New Snow Day Policy

By: Danielle Seddon –

As members of the Seton – La Salle community we all know that when something new happens it gets around quick. There were rumors around the school about a new snow day policy, but no one knew what the policy was and why we needed it?

Mrs. Martin explained what the policy is and how it will affect Seton – La Salle. She said, “Starting in the Winter of 2013-2014 students will have to use their chromebooks to complete classwork and assignments on snow days and any other canceled school days.”

There is a set up schedule for every snow day and canceled school day. Mrs. Martin sent out an email talking about the schedule we would follow. The email Mrs. Martin sent said, “The following schedule will be used to facilitate a cyber school day:

  • By 10:00 a.m. – Teachers will post assignments, sending an email to students with directions for completing the assignments.

  • By 12 noon – Students will log in to their Google accounts to have their daily attendance taken and to check their school email accounts for their assignments.

  • 1 – 2 p.m. – Teachers will be live online to address student questions via email or Google Chat.  Students should review all assignments prior to this time, so they are prepared to ask any questions they have about the assignments.  Students may communicate with teachers at other times as scheduled by or with their individual teachers.

  • 5 p.m. – Student assignments must be completed and submitted.”

 The new policy will eliminate making up school days.  

A few students responded to the new rule of snow days. Rachel Weinmann said, “I really like the idea. It takes away making up school days and we still have the chance of sleeping in.”

Mickayla Nelson responded with, “I like the new policy! We get our work done on time, and still have the rest of the day to finish other things as well.”

Jordan Bronecki said, “I love the new idea. We don’t have to make up school days, and we still get our work done. The only problem I’m concerned about is getting everything in by five. Other than that it’s a great idea.”

Everyone seems to like the new idea. It brings a new experiment to Seton – La Salle.

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