Netflix Ninja: Grey’s Anatomy

By: Haley Johnson –

If you are an avid viewer of Grey’s Anatomy like me, you absolutely cannot wait for the newest season to be added to Netflix. While we are waiting, wouldn’t it be smart to recap what we have watched so far on live TV? Warning: if you do not watch Grey’s Anatomy, you will have no clue what I am talking about.

The season starts off with the news of Rigg’s fiancee being found after years of everyone believing that she were dead. She is sent in to Seattle from Afghanistan to reunite with her brother, Owen, and her fiancee Nathan Riggs. Of course Meredith is happy for Riggs, her (kinda?) boyfriend. She would do anything to bring her husband Derek back, so how could she not be both excited and jealous when the love of her boyfriend’s life suddenly comes back? To make things even more awkward than they already are, Meredith becomes the doctor on Megan’s case.

DeLuca’s sister begins working at the hospital, and one of her studies reveals some shocking news: Amelia has a giant brain tumor. How ironic is that? The brain surgeon gets the brain tumor. She fears telling the people around her but eventually confronts the situation.

Harper Avery visits the hospital to criticize the work that Bailey has done but dies in the chair after their meeting. The death of Harper Avery means that Jackson receives his large inheritance, over 2 billion dollars.

Everything seems to be going awry at the hospital when a hacker shuts down the hospital’s computer system. They attempt to make a deal by offering the system back in exchange for bitcoin, a virtual currency.

You will have to watch the rest of the show to find out what happens next. It is currently on its mid-season finale. If you have never watched Grey’s Anatomy and want to know what you just read, go ahead and watch all 14 seasons from the beginning!


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