Modern Media Now Available

By: Marielle Peji

Are you thinking about being a journalist in the future? Or perhaps, you’ve thought about becoming a photographer. Did you know the fastest growing specialty, even in traditional news journalism, is social media? Well, if you are planning on going on this path, you should consider taking the Modern Media course Seton-LaSalle is now offering. Modern Media is brand new course that has been created for those students interested in journalism. In this course, students will learn about different types of media and the different styles of journalism.

Mrs. Parker who is the ninth grade English teacher here at Seton – La Salle and the creator and moderator of The Rebel Report will be the instructor. Mrs. Parker has a Bachelor of Science in English Writing and minored in Communications as a college undergraduate.  Three years ago she was awarded a fellowship to participate in the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) Reynolds High School Journalism Institute and spent two intensive weeks at the University of Arizona’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism studying modern media and high school journalism.  The Reynolds High School Journalism Institute is designed to help teachers start, reinvigorate or expand secondary-school media programs.

The media, especially in today’s generation, contributes a lot of influence in society’s culture. This course will help students further look into the role of media in people’s lives. Media has definitely influenced our culture, from marketing to fashion. Whether it’s the types of clothes people wear to favorite restaurants to eat from, the trends the media puts out there for everyone to see become viral. With all the different medias established due to the many innovations in technology and the multiple apps created, people who are behind these ideas have definitely influenced and impacted our world: businesses, education, and our daily lives in general.

Not only will students obtain information from this Modern Media course, but they will also, hands on, get the experience of putting what they will be learning to use. Having the students put their creative ideas to life by having them write for the Rebel Report, Seton LaSalle’s online student news, as part of the requirements in class, will encourage the students to put their ideas out there and obtain that confidence and social awareness they will need in order to pursue a career in media.

This course will also give the students the opportunity to contribute to the Seton-La Salle Yearbook throughout the process of creating the yearbook. They will learn elementary photography skills, graphic design and determine the book’s content. At the end, students will acquire different varieties of skills, designs, and techniques throughout the year of this course.

With the experience of actually getting the opportunity to write and design, students will start building up their confidence in themselves and believe that they can actually pursue this career because they will have gotten some background. Modern Media is a great experience for those students who want to attain different techniques and styles involving the fundamentals of journalism. It is a great course best suited for those who hope to one day be someone who will impact their culture and begin a new trend!


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