Midterms Are Coming

By: Faith Kisker

The end of the first semester has snuck up on us again and that means Midterms are coming. As a newcomer to Midterms myself,  I was curious on how everyone prepares for Midterms, so I took to the halls and compiled a list of tips and tricks of how to handle and prepare for Midterms from Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

“I begin to study over everything over break and then the night before, I review,” says Grayson Kisker, senior.

“Midterms are a really stressful time, but listen to your teachers, and start studying early,” says  Connie Seeley-Grant, sophomore.

“I review, read the chapters, study, and make flashcards,” says Erin Milcarek, senior.

“Usually, I read my textbooks and notes over break. Then I highlight my notes and then the night before, I review the notes I highlighted and review topics I don’t know or fully understand,” says Liz Farnan, junior.

“It’s helpful to have your own area where you can lay out your papers and become organized,” says Nicole Colligan, senior.

“I use Quizlet a lot, and also the study guides the teachers have given me over the semester to study,” says Tom Aumer, sophomore.

“I use different things for different classes, but mainly I outline the chapters, go over previous study guides, make flashcards, and do practice problems,” says Jenni Martellotti, junior.

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