Meet Mrs. Decker

By: Max Marcello

Over the summer Seton La-Salle hired four new teachers. Mrs. Karen Decker who currently teaches Introduction to Technology (for freshmen), Business Math, Accounting 1 and Honors Accounting 2 is one of the new additions to the Seton La Salle community.

“I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Duquesne. I graduated before the Internet and other technologies,” said Decker. This is ironic coming from a technology teacher.

Mrs. Decker is the teaching mentor of the Seton La-Salle branch of the national organization  Girls Who Code.  “When I interviewed at Seton, Mrs. Martin asked if I was interested in working on Girls Who Code. I spent seven years in an I.T. department where there were very few women. There is a gender gap and it would be great for girls getting into the world of technology.” Although the name implies this organization is only accessible to females, there are a few male members. Mrs. Decker welcomes all students.

When asked about her passion for teaching, Decker mentions she always loved school. She attended graduate school at Robert Morris University for education. Decker knew she always wanted to be a teacher. Decker states, “I wanted to add value to the world by inspiring young people to go into business or technology careers.” Decker recognizes the importance of mentors. Mr. Murtagh would be my mentor here at Seton. I remain friends with colleagues in the business and financial areas and talk to them every couple of weeks.”

Although, Decker enjoys her time here at Seton she very much appreciates her free time as well. When asked about hobbies, Decker begins to smile. “I love to travel! I love going to the Caribbean and visiting the islands. I also loved to read self-help books. My husband makes me go fishing a lot.”

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