Media Center

By: Ellie Sgro

The new Media Center is now open! It was opened to the students on October 17, 2017 and they are able to access it during periods 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 if they have a pass, which are retrievable to get in the mornings before the homeroom bell.  A total of 25 passes will be available for each period. The new construction leaves the Media Center basically unrecognizable from the old library.  Mrs. Schmidt, the school librarian, says that the new lighting is her favorite part.  

The Media Center is equipped with a Smart Board and a Jam Board and lots of seating for students to do their work.  Mrs. Schmidt hopes that, ”Students will find the media center as a place they can work singly or collaboratively with new technology, conduct online and print research, plus find books and magazines that will enrich their lives.”

A concern that many people have expressed is that there are less book in the library since the renovation.  When asked if they thought it would affect the school and the students not having a full library available Mrs. Schmidt said, “We will still have all of the Dewey Decimal classes represented in the library, however, the collection will be smaller than in the past.  Books will still be purchased, however the next logical step is to supplement the print collection with a series of scholarly databases. Have print and electronic resources will allow our students to continue to conduct accurate research.”

More shelving is going to added throughout the school year to add to the size of the books available for student and teacher use. Students have mixed opinions on the new Media Center.  Sophomore Griffin O’Leary says, “It’s a great place to go and study after school,” while Junior Liz Kittle says that, “Students would rather have the books opposed to a special smart board.”

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