Life as a Freshman

By: Nicole Nath

Every one of us has gone through the big transition of going from elementary school to high school, however with the senior class soon to graduate in the next month it’s hard for us to remember what it exactly felt like to be a freshman.  In order for me to completely understand what it is like to be a freshman I sat down with some first year high school students and asked them their opinions about their transition to high school.

Many of us did not know what to expect when coming into high school, most of us only had the ideas from stories that we’ve heard from older siblings and friends or dreamed of high school being just like the movies.  When talking to Tereeq Smith, a student who is involved with football and volleyball, he states that he did expect it to be like the movies however that his thoughts were way off and were nothing like what you see on TV.  Although, Seton – La Salle did not meet the expectations Smith was hoping for he still has come to enjoy high school.

Another difference that we face coming into high school is the amount of students that we are around.  Many students come from small Catholic grade schools so the first day can be quite shocking.  Another student, Jordan Bon, says that, “Meeting new people was one of the hardest things [about high school],” but goes on to say that, “I really met a diverse group of people from athletes to band members.”  Seton – La Salle is known for their small, family like community a place where everyone knows each other.  We are also known for how active students are in the community.   A majority of students are involved in at least one club or sport, many in more than one.  Because of this, most freshmen look forward to becoming even more active throughout the rest of their high school career.

By talking with these students I was able to learn about others points of view of high school and was able to take a step back and relive some of the experiences I went through as a freshman.  I wish the best of luck to all of the freshmen and rest of the Seton – La Salle community as they finish the rest of their high school careers.

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