Larkin Hogel: SLS’s New Athletic Director

By: Gabrielle Dutka and Madelyn Parker –

Larkin Hogel, the new part-time athletic director at Seton-La Salle, is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, class of 2012. In college he majored in business, which is a helpful degree to have as an athletic director since much of the job requires that you be knowledgeable about business.

He became an athletic director because he was always very passionate about sports, especially baseball, which is his favorite sport. He knew that he wanted to get a job in the sport’s industry, and since he also had a taste for business, it seemed only natural that he should attempt to “mix business and sports.” Becoming an athletic director felt like a natural fit.

Hogel’s greatest career influence is Kiere Bulls, the Pittsburgh Pirate’s assistant equipment manager. Mr. Hogel currently also works as a Clubhouse Assistant for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He knows all of the players, and even has a locker in the locker room. He started as a batboy for the team in 2008 and worked his way up to the position he holds now. Another thing that influenced Mr. Hogel’s career choice and prepared him for becoming an athletic director was student managing the basketball team at Pitt while he went there.

Mr. Hogel’s job as an athletic director entails a lot of different responsibilities. He is in charge of scheduling all of the games and meets for every sports teams at Seton-La Salle. He also sets up transportation to the games, and is in charge of getting people to work the clocks and scoreboard, and basically everything else that goes into the behind-the-scenes action of a game. He is also responsible for managing the budgets of the teams, which is where the business side of things comes in.

Last year Mr. Hogel interned at Seton- La Salle, shadowing our former athletic director, Mr. John Asholou. However, he says that as an intern he did a lot more than just shadowing. It was much more hands-on experience and work than perhaps you would think. He was able to prepare for the all of the duties that he has to perform now as a the sole athletic director at Seton.

After his internship last year, he knew that working at Seton would be a good fit for him. He says he really enjoys the small-community atmosphere of the school, and having been involved in much larger communities, such as those at Mt. Lebanon or Pitt, he is able to fully appreciate the tight-knit feel of Seton- La Salle. He believes that he is able to be much more involved here than he would ever be at some larger schools.

Mr. Hogel says that his best experience so far has been going to Hershey with both the boy’s and girl’s basketball teams last year, where they came close to bringing home two gold medals at the PIAA championships. Mr. Hogel gives all credit to the coaching staff, at the time.

Here are some other random fun facts about Mr. Hogel: his favorite color is blue, because his eyes are blue, his favorite movie is Inception, and his favorite TV show is 24.

His unusual first name (Larkin) also has an interesting story; it was his Grandmother’s maiden name, and is a common surname in Ireland.  His favorite sport is baseball, since he grew up playing it and his family loves the sport. He has always been a fan of the baseball player Barry Larkin, partially because they share a name, and always wore the #11 on his sports jerseys because that’s Barry Larkin’s number. Surprisingly, even though it is his favorite sport, Mr. Hogel did not play baseball in high school. Instead he played volleyball at Mt. Lebanon High School.


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