Josh Blamer: Field Freak and Bookworm

By: Kevin McLane –

Anytime you hear stories about high school, you are almost guaranteed your stereotypical characters. You will have your nerds, your goths, your “mean girls”, and the meathead football players. I cannot speak for others, however, I have found this to be only partially true when it comes to my high school experience. There are people that fit into those boxes, but everyone seems to intermingle with each other. While I certainly have seen my fair share of meathead football players, there is one player who completely breaks that stereotype. His name is Josh Blamer, and he is breaking down the cliche high school barriers.

Blamer is a Junior offensive and defensive lineman for the Rebels and standing at 6’4 215 lbs, he is hard to miss. He also plays varsity basketball and Lacrosse. I recently sat down with Blamer and looking (way) up from my notes, I could see that this was a genuine kid who simply went about things the right way.

Here is my interview with him:

What is your Grade Point Average – GPA?


What are some of your favorite things to do?

I like to play sports, watch Netflix, and read.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken


What do you like about football so much?

The fact that it’s more of a team sport than an individual sport.

Have you thought about any colleges?

I haven’t really started looking but over the summer I went to a few. I saw Boston University, UVA, Boston College, and Brown.

Obviously, with school and football you have different friend groups, how do you balance life between the two groups?

It’s hard but not impossible. When I’m in school I hang out more with my academic friends, but after school is all football. It’s a pretty even balance.

Have you considered playing sports in college?

Yes I would like to. I like all the sports that I play, but basketball is a less realistic goal, A) it’s easier to get a football scholarship and B) I think I’m better at football than basketball.

What do you think you would like to study in college?

Engineering. I’m just not sure what field of it though.

You said you liked to read, so what is your favorite book?

It’s called “Ready Player One” it’s a dystopian novel about a future society.

Thank you for your time

Anytime, thank you.

I have known Josh for three years now and playing on the same team as him, I have gotten to know him pretty well. You can tell from the first moment you meet him that he isn’t your stereotypical athlete. As one of the smartest kids on the team he is often looked to by coaches to help the younger kids, whether it is with plays or even tutoring. You can tell he loves his sports almost as much as he loves his books.

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