Jesus Christ Superstar

By: Ryan Lucas

Seton- La Salle is going to be performing the popular 70’s rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” for the spring musical program on the weekend of March 14th-16th in the auditorium.  This classic musical depicts the last week of the life of Jesus Christ from his entry into  Jerusalem up to his crucifixion, with a classic musical score.

The play has received its fair share of criticism in its time but is still a highly regarded and praised production.

“It is an unbelievable rock opera…” said senior Sarah Wray who plays the high priest Annas, “The music is breathtaking and the ending brings out emotion in the audience.”

Another veteran SLS actor, Tom Kalnas, who plays the role of Jesus said, “The rehearsals are pretty demanding, but they pay of in the end and improvement is always clear.” The cast seems to have been working very hard so far, and are quite dedicated to their roles and performances as well as each other.

“I love the cast, and they have all been amazingly supportive!” Said freshman Kailyn Martino, “I feel like I’ve definitely made some great new friends.” Kailyn plays the role of one of Jesus’s twelve apostles.

The cast gets together several times a week to rehearse for the play for a couple hours each day. Though the hours of rehearsing are tiring, the cast really seems to enjoy being together as they further prepare for the show.

The program has also received a new music director this year, Seton alumni Adam Heald who according to Sarah “has brought such a fresh perspective to the show!”

Along with the singers and dancers in the show, the stage crew is also needed give the show a lively look.

“The part I like about stage crew most is actually building things.” said senior stage crew member Dan Zinobile, “When we stop joking around which is fun admittedly, and get to making props, we can get a lot done.”

The cast and crew will keep getting together separately until tech week, which is the week before the production where the both the cast and crew get together for several hours a  day of exhausting work until show time.

All in all the play promises to have a lot of potential and hopes to amaze the audience. Much work and practice has already been put in the show, and as tech week and showtime gets ever closer, we can only wish our fellow actors luck and come out to support them.

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