“It’s Tee- Time”

By: Alexandra Laverty

Another fall sports season is coming to a close. Girl’s Golf this year may be over but the team will make sure to stay the friends they were all year long.

Girls golf was coached by Mr. Zugates and Mr. Carmassi. The team included Kara Rantovich 12, Lucy Pearce 10, Meredith Blamer 10, Abbey Adamsky 10, Samantha Chatham 9, Kaitlyn Robson 9, Jeana Talerico 9, Sarah Wells 9, and Skyler Wrubleski 9 . They used to practice in the summer and after school at Cool Springs and compete at  Frosty Valley Golf Links. The season runs like any other fall sports season from August to about October. The teams that they played against were: Central Valley, Sewickley, Ambridge, Hopewell, and BlackHawk.  

On the topic of what you have to do to join Mr. Zugates said, “All you have to do is show up, they have (golf) clubs if you don’t, and they will offer instructions if you have never played before.” Zugates continued, “We are working after season and from the beginning of the season to the end we saw improvement.”

One of the best things about Seton LaSalle is how everyone is so welcoming and friendly with everyone even seniors interacting with sophomores and freshmen. The girls golf team was a prime example of this. Kara Rantovich, Senior, has played golf since she was two years old. She says, “It started as a pastime with my dad, and eventually I grew a love for it. “

Sports and activities at SL are a great way to get involved in the school. Kara agrees with this by saying with all the freshmen on the team that never played she acted like a mentor and big sister to them school and gold-wise. Rantovich also gives advice for the incoming players, “ I would say just keep playing! Golf is all about patience, and the slightest adjustment could change your whole game. In the words of our coach, Mr. Zugates: “You never remember the bad shots, but you always remember the good ones.”

Then we had sophomore Lucy Pearce who this was her first year ever playing this sport. Answering the question why did you join Pearce said, “The upper class inspired me and convinced me to join and try something new.” Lucy’s favorite part of the season was getting to meet and talk to and become friends with people from other schools.” Pearce also explained one of memories from the sport, “I hit my ball over a river I tried to jump over it, but I fell in and everyone laughed it off in the end. “

This team is a family, they all came together from different parts of the school to do something they love together. Remember Seton LaSalle has a sport or activity for everyone and maybe the golf team can be for you!

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