Is Blackberry Poised to Come Back?

By: John Kist

Here is a chart that shows the rapid decline of Blackberry.

A few years back Blackberry had an impressive share of the smartphone market. Then the release of new iphones and the release of Android OS caused a rapid and sudden decline of the Blackberry. But there has been a reappearance of Blackberry Device, in new and fresh cutting edge hardware.

At the Current Electronics Show in Las Vegas RIM displayed a brand new Blackberry device. The Blackberry 10 delivers incredible hardware specs in a sleek new design It is packed with a 4.2” screen with a 1280 x 768, a 1.5ghz processor, 2gb of RAM and a 1800 mah battery. These specs compete with and even pass that of the iphone 5 and the Samsung galaxy s3.

The specs are great, but it is the operating system that will make or break it. RIM is making incredible changes to their app market, paying programmers $100 per app. They are switching the focus of the Blackberry towards multitasking (as we can see through the 2gb of RAM). Will these specs and their recent changes be enough to win back customers. We will have to wait and see…

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