International Club: Fun and Food for All!

By: Jiamin Chen –

If you think the International Club is made up of all foreign students, think again. Actually, believe it or not, there are more Americans in the organization than students from other countries.
The International Club was created by a student of Seton-La Salle, Prahpreet Mann, several years ago. His goal was to try to help foreign students to adjust to their new school and their new life in America and provide opportunities for American students to get to know the foreign students as well. Since he started this club, it has grown to 52 members. Some of the nationalities represented include Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, African, and Japanese.

The International Club meets every other Wednesday in Room 306. It is sponsored by French teacher Mrs Kathleen Beckovich. Some of the activities that attract students to the Club are trips to the Pittsburgh Strip District to shop and to Paynter Elementary School in Baldwin, where we help ESL students to interact with them and make them feel more at home in the United States. We play games with them and read stories to them.

Students of the Club are encouraged to share their experiences in their own countries with the other members. Thus we learn much from each other about other cultures around the world.
The best part of belonging to the International Club, however, is the food. Members bring their own food to share with the entire group, such as Chinese dumplings, Korean noodles, homemade cakes and cookies from Germany, pizza from Italy, and traditional potato chips and soda pop.

Students who would like to get to know other people and not be afraid in a strange country should think about joining the International Club. It is a great place to make new friends, learn about other cultures, do some good work for others, and enjoy great food. Everyone is welcome,
If you want to join the Club, just simply show up in Room 306, May 8th!

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