Historic Run Into Team Playoffs

By: Jacob Kubick

The Seton La Salle boys bowling team has made history, qualifying for WPIBL team playoffs for the first time ever.

The boys finished with a 9-1 record on the year, with the only loss of the year coming from its rival Peters Township. The team faced adversity, and had to rise up after that devastating loss. Their confidence level never changed, and the team counted down days until the next match against Peters to get the win against their rival

The team, led by Marcus Huetter as senior captain, was composed of the same players as last year. When being asked what the key to all of the success they had was, Marcus Huetter said,

“This season, there was a much higher level of confidence among us guys. With four seniors and one junior in our starting lineup, there was a lot of experience. We had a great team season last year; we were just burned by a competitive section. This year, we knew we would be even better and be able to contend in the competitive section.”

2 of the 5 team members, Xavier and Marcus Huetter, also qualified for WPIBL Individuals. Since you are bowling by yourself, you bowl 3 games with different people from different schools.

“Whether in individuals or team, each bowler’s main focus is himself. The only variable you can control in bowling, regardless of competition, is yourself.” says Marcus Huetter. “While you need to be there for your teammates to support them, you can’t bowl for them. Your main focus is to bowl the best game you can. The only difference between individual and team playoffs is that all of our scores are combined in the team competition.”

Marcus also says that he isn’t worried about a state championship. He says that the team will bowl to their best potential, and we will see if it turns into a state championship.

Since the boys won the section, they bowl as a team once again on March 10th at Princess Lanes. Good Luck!

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