Gun Control

By: William McGowan

Currently in the United States there have been attempts to change gun laws by Congress because some politicians feel that firearms are unsafe. Within the past year President Barack Obama tried to introduce an assault weapons ban, similar to the ban President Bill Clinton introduced. Obama’s ban banned almost all AR and AK style rifles, and also some of the characteristics of “assault weapons,” like the pistol grip.

Some students here at Seton-La Salle have strong opinions on this controversial issue. When Bobby Lydic was interviewed, he agreed on many ideas dealing with the current gun control laws. He believed that the laws that are already in play are terrific laws, they just need to be upheld better. Lydic also stated that bans and changes to the gun laws merely on hurt the citizens that want to buy firearms legally.

Anthony Yauch, a member of the United States National Guard, concurred with what Lydic said. Yauch wants the gun laws to stay at the same level they are now. Anthony said that when you buy a gun, there is a rigorous background check you must go through that says if you are able to own a gun.

The background check he is talking about is called The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, more than 100 million such checks have been made in the last decade, leading to more than 700,000 denials says the Federal Bureau Investigation’s website.

Jacob Parks, a fellow gun enthusiast and avid hunter, believes that “assault weapons” are a good thing. Parks explains that he enjoys shooting all firearms, especially an AR-15, a type of “assault weapon.” Contrary to popular belief, they are not just killing machines that are fully automatic, and massacre people with the pull of a trigger. Assault weapons, and all firearms, are safe as long as you handle them safely.


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