Girls’ Volleyball: 2019

By: Jake Baumgart

The Seton LaSalle girls’ volleyball team had another  successful season in 2019, sophomore Grace Hartman said, “ I personally feel the season went really well with junior varsity going undefeated and varsity making the playoffs and also having a very successful season.” Hartman class of 22’’ said, “ Our team excelled at coming together and working hard to win games.”
Sophomore Paige Prusak said, “I think we had a pretty successful season overall, especially for having such a young team.” Prusak class of 22’ said, “we excelled at working together as a team to finish games’’. 
Typically, there were some things the players think they could have improved on as a team to do better throughout the season. Hartman thinks the volleyball team needed to communicate better as a team. She said, “ I feel like our team could have communicated better in order to get the ball faster and more efficiently”.  Prusak agreed “ We could have worked on our serving more and worked on covering hard spots”. 
Their were also many special moments during the season. Sophomore Sammy Achille said  “My favorite part of the season was winning our last game at Keystone Oaks”.  

 Prusak said her favorite moment of the season was the same as Achille’s,“winning at Keystone Oaks after a tough game”.

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