Get Smart

By: Kylie Gillespie –

SPREAD THE WORD! The Seton LaSalle drama department will be putting on the production of Get Smart, a play packed full of action, comedy and suspense. It will take place on Saturday, November 12th at 7:00pm and Sunday, November 13th at 3:00pm in our school auditorium. Two of our seniors, Ballard Powell and Lindsay Laverty take on the starring roles of Maxwell Smart, a charismatic and scatter-brained secret agent, and Agent 99, Max’s assistant who knows exactly how to keep him in line and exceeds everyone’s expectations. The production of Get Smart is adapted by Christopher Sergel from the series originally created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry and directed by Jennifer Majetic and assistant director, Klay Wanielista.

All of the actors know their characters almost as well as they know themself, which makes the show even better. Lindsay Laverty mentions that her favorite thing about her character, “She is a character that defies the expectations that CONTROL has for her. She keeps Smart in line and helps him to live up to his full potential.”

Even though the actors are extremely busy with practices, some are able to make time for stage crew as well! Caleb Klemick , a member of both cast and crew, said, “It’s cool to be a part of what the people see and don’t see. It is giving me an appreciation for all the hard work crew puts in to make the play entertaining. It has shown me that both parts are equally important to making the production a success.”

The incredible amount of hard work and dedication that both the cast and crew have put into preparing this year’s fall drama, is shown in each performance. It is a show you won’t want to miss! SMARTEN UP and come to this year’s fall drama performance of Get Smart!

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