Genesis: A New Decade

By: Kayla Stern –

Seton LaSalle’s marching band is undergoing a series of changes during their 2018-2019 season under the direction of the new band director, Michael Guzik.  

This year, the halftime show is called Genesis: A New Decade. The name Genesis was suggested because it can mean beginning, and things are beginning to change for the band.  This year the band has more contemporary uniforms, an amazing halftime show, new members, a new band director, and a new sense of self-confidence.

Last school year, the previous band director, Kevin Johnson, selected a design for new uniforms for the marching band members, rebelettes, and silks.  The band uniforms have a more modern look, and many band members have found that they have a better fit than the old uniforms. Drum major Kelly Bench says, “I love the new uniforms! The old ones were getting very old and worn out, so it’s nice to be the first ones to wear these new uniforms.”

Not only does the band look great in their new uniforms, they also sound amazing in the bleachers and on the field.  This year’s halftime show includes a medley of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire and Piano Man, Jump by Van Halen, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day, and Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.  A variety of new bleacher features like Africa by Toto and Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy have been big hit among the band members.

The freshman band members feel very welcome and have embraced the marching band as extended family.  “It’s a great experience because we can be who we want to be while having a great time together,” says freshman Olivia Pollice. 

Gina Veltri ‘22, said, “We all share that passion of music, and it’s incredible for us all to get the chance to be in one place and perform.  There’s actually no place I’d rather be.”

Guzik, the band’s new director, has been teaching marching band for eight years, and he  is very glad to be working here at Seton this year. The band participated in a marching band festival Guzik had submitted them in to take part in on September 22.  Sophomore Anna Sanchioli said, “I really liked the band festival. It was a lot of fun seeing other bands and getting to perform with a stadium that quiet.”

Bench and her assistant drum major, James Sanchioli, have been working hard to make Friday nights as fun as possible.  Bench has been encouraging other students to watch and support the band, and Sanchioli has been making sure the many students that participate in both marching band and cross country can enjoy both activities.  

This year, the band is experiencing a new sense of pride.  With a great halftime show and music, new uniforms, and great leaders, the band has enjoyed their 2018-2019 season.  They plan to go to Nashville TN for their annual trip and perform at more festivals as well. The band members hope to make this year the best season yet.   

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