Freshmen Boys’ Basketball

By: Kayla Stern – 

Seton’s freshmen boys basketball team beat Trinity High School in Seton LaSalle’s gymnasium, January 29th, after school, with a score of 46-45.

The game was pretty intense. The boys put up a fight throughout the whole game. We had a pretty big student section watching our boys play. Every point they scored, every small victory, had the crowd going wild. It was a hard, rough game, but Seton LaSalle was victorious in the end.

The game did not start out well for our freshmen boys. In the first period, there was a big struggle for possession of the ball. Alexander Yanity put up a good fight and tried to attain the ball. The period ended, Seton had a score of 7, and Trinity was in the lead with 17 points. Anthony Newman said, “Crazy thoughts were going through our minds. We were down by ten!”

Seton cleaned up their game in the second quarter. Robert Butelli made a nice, clean pass to his teammate,  Aidan Eidemueller, who made an impressive shot. There was a lot of fumbling, but Newman managed to make a couple shots, including a flawless three-point shot. They put in a good effort and ended the second quarter pretty well. Both teams went off the court and discussed their plans for the next two periods.

Newman started the third period with a great shot. He also received an amazing pass across the court from Griffin Malloy, ran to the hoop, and made another basket. Seton’s score soared closer to Trinity’s, and the game got very heated. The score was super close, and Matt Michaux ended the period by shooting the ball and making the basket, just as the buzzer rang. The crowd went wild.

But the most beautiful sight happened in the last period. There was a little over a minute left on the clock, but Seton’s boys refused to lose. Another basket was made, and it seemed as though the final score would have been 42-45, but Newman’s actions said otherwise. There were ten seconds left on the clock, and Newman tied the game with a magnificent three point shot! The students watching shot up, raised their hands in the air, and cheered. It was a marvelous sight to behold.

The teams were making plans for overtime, but Malloy wasn’t having it. He was going to end the game, and he was going to make sure he and his team won. There was less than a second on the scoreboard; he went in for the shot but got fouled by Trinity. The refs blew their whistles, and he went to take his foul shots. He missed the first one, but his teammates reassured and encouraged him. He carefully lined up his shot and made it. The score was 46-45, and Trinity got his message: Seton LaSalle refuses to lose.

After the game, Yanity said that the team worked hard at practice, and Butelli added, “I knew we were going to win.”

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