Faith + Hope + Love: Hillsong

Hillsong has been one of my favorite religious bands for some time now. They not only sing for God, but they show their listeners that God is real and alive. The lyrics to their songs are very touching. They talk about in their song, Yahweh, that our God lives forever. All of the lyrics to this song are something that we should reach out to and hear.

In their tour, Faith + Hope + Love, one of the members talks for five minutes about Yahweh, the Lord, and who He is. He tells them several names that God is called and how each name shows a different facet of Him. The speech touches my heart personally and I think that it would also touch others hearts. The people listening come together as one to worship “Yahweh”. They want to worship God, and they believe; you can see in several of their expressions that they are deep in prayer and thought. The speaker explains that Yahweh is our “covenant keeping God”. “Before Abraham was, I AM”, the speaker explains Jesus told them in John chapter 8. He says that it was no wonder that people threw stones to kill him. He is our covenant keeping God, he heals us, he is our provider. The speaker asked everyone to raise their hands to heaven because Jesus Christ is yahweh , he is here, he wants to reveal himself to you as the Lord your shepherd.

I encourage you to watch the video provided below, which this article is based off of. It is quite touching and a heart lifter. When I first heard the words of the speaker and the song, it made me realize even more how much Jesus loves each and every one of us.

Yahweh – Hillsong Faith+Hope+Love from Fred McKinnon on Vimeo.

Exclusive video from Hillsong featuring the song “Yahweh” from the new “Faith+Hope+Love” album. For reviews, visit and

Permission to use video provided by Integrity Music, Inc, in cooperation with marketing and “Hillsong Blog Tour”.

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