Everything Changes for the Class of 2013

By: Adam Lopata

Seniors are about to graduate after a long four years and a lot has changed here at Seton-La Salle since their freshmen days. At the end of any journey, a person should look back and consider all that has changed. And though it may seem like only yesterday was freshmen year, the seniors will soon be off to bigger and better things.

 Four years ago was very different than today. When the seniors first entered these cramped hallways, Sister Patricia Laffey was Principal. Mr. Klisavage was Dean of students, and Mr. Joyce was the freshman social studies teacher. There were no chromebooks, no fancy lunchroom, and no flat screen tvs.

Regarding the senior’s evolution, Mr. Joyce says, “I have seen great growth over the last four years.  I see remarkable young men and women on the cusp of doing amazing things and I can’t believe they are the same shy and timid freshmen I taught four years ago.”

About this year’s graduating class, he said,  “The seniors have taken on more of a leadership role, they have certainly matured, they have risen above much of the drama that younger students tend to succumb to.”

Mr. Klisavage agreed, adding “The seniors have been a very good class in many ways.  So many of the seniors achieve in the classroom.  But the thing that stands out is the way group has led in charitable work and activities.  Among the best leaders that I have seen here”.

When asked his opinion, Ryan Trivus says “Within myself, I have become more mature, less socially awkward, and a well rounded person (I believe). Within the school, I think that the changes we have had were all something we had to learn to deal with”.

The chromebooks are certainly the biggest student oriented change. When asked his thoughts on them, Mr, Klisavage says “Technology will continue to advance and we will have to adapt as educators.  It is exciting to see the possibilities that the Chromebooks provide.  Four years from now, who knows what advances we will make.”

Mr. Joyce added,  “We now have a school with cutting edge technology that was not here when the seniors were freshmen”.

For the senior’s sophomore year, Mr. Klisavage changed position to teacher and Mr. Carmassi became assistant principal. Sister Pat also left and Mr. Chiappetta becoming principal. Mr. Klisavage said, “Personally, the change from Dean of Students back to a full-time teacher was my biggest change”.   The next year had  Mr. Chiappetta leaving and Mrs. Martin becoming principal.

The class of 2013 has seen significant change, in terms of teachers, administration and technology. The teachers are optimistic about their future and so are the students. What comes next will vary but we all have walked through these halls and been changed by the school and the people we have met here.


Sons and daughters stand together, For the school we love. Minds and hearts all raised forever, To the Lord above. We shall sing his words in glory; They shall be the standard of our story, As we strive for truth and honor . . . Hail the Green and Gold.

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