Earth Day

Video By: Tim Blair
Article By: Courtney Krempasky

Earth Day, celebrated once a year here at Seton – La Salle by the environmental club, was a raging success. Wednesday, April 24th, was our 5th annual Earth Day clean up and the Seton – La Salle environmental club spent the whole day picking weeds and mulching.

Earth Day is a yearly event when the active members of the environmental club come together and work to save the Earth, one shovel of mulch at a time.

“Earth Day was a great success here at Seton-La Salle because we were able to come together to improve our environment. Our environmental club president, Ryan Harrington, is an enthusiastic real example of a hard working environmentalist,” says Zach Hutchinson, an active member of the environmental club.

The active members are responsible for weeding and mulching all of the flower beds surrounding the school. Not only were did they mulch and pick weed but they were also responsible for planting flowers and plants along the Stations of the Cross on the Rebel Way and cleaning up the flower beds surrounding the brothers’ house.

“The Earth is noticeably better due to the Seton-La Salle environmental club,” says Ryan Harrington, the club’s president. A new edition to the Earth Day was the clean-up crew who saved the earth by responsibly disposing of old desks, tables, and lockers.

There will be a Earth Day part two on Thursday, May 2nd. This will be the first ever Earth Day part two. The environmental club felt that one day was not enough to help the environment.

“Earth Day part two is going to be a great way to expand on what we did on Earth Day and when we clean the Earth together, we really bond,” says Maddie Hanley, an active member of the environmental club. Not only will the environmental club be able to save the Earth for one day, but now two.

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