Drum Major Selected

By: Kayla Stern – 

Drum major elections took place in the band room March 30th.  There were five candidates running to be drum major their senior year.  They were Kelly Bench, Ally Foster, Faith Kisker, Sean Maxwell, and James Sanchioli.  Bench was elected drum major, and Sanchioli will be assistant drum major.

Each candidate wrote a short speech and presented it to the other members of the marching band.  After all the candidates spoke, musicians, Rebelettes, and Silks voted for the two people they believed to be most qualified for the job.  The person with the most votes would be drum major; the person with second highest number of votes would be assistant drum major. After tallying up the ballots, Mr. Johnson announced the results later that afternoon.

Bench was inspired by her two sisters who were also drum majors.  She also wants to make make the band as excellent as possible her senior year.  Last year, she was chosen to be the musician captain and, and she has some experience conducting the marching band.  She hopes to work with the rest of the band to make next year as fun as possible. She said, “I want the band to look and sound good while also being enjoyable.”

Sanchioli was motivated to try out by the other people running for the position.  He is captain of the cross country team and was Bench’s assistant last year when she was musician captain.  He believes band should be fun and is willing to work to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Both are willing to work with each other, the student section, and the cheerleaders to make Friday night football games exciting for everyone who attends.  


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