Don’t Drink the Water

By: Justin Hill

Do you want to see a action-packed comedy? The Seton La Salle Drama Club is currently preparing for the annual school play that will take place on November 16 at 7pm and November 17 at 3pm. Don’t Drink the Water  is written by Woody Allen and directed by Seton LaSalle alumni Dan Kirk class of ‘88. 

To summarize this story an American ambassador must leave the embassy for business in an unnamed European country behind the Iron Curtain. He puts his incompetent son Axel Magee in charge in his absence. The Embassy is pushed into an emergency as the Hollanders, an American group of travelers, come surging in on the run from the Communist police. Walter Hollander, the dad, had accidentally snuck into a high security zone and taken pictures, making the socialists accept that the family are spies. To find out the rest of the story come check out the play.

This year’s cast includes:

  • Adeline Meinert: Sr. Margaret Drobney
  • Sloane McCensky: Ambassador Magee
  • Juliana Gahr: Special Agent Kilroy
  • Griffin O’Leary: Axel Magee
  • Gabriella Leopar: Marion Hollander
  • Evan Rega: Walter Hollander
  • Anna Mathias: Susan Hollander
  • Ed Durstein: Krojack
  • Alexis Mueller: Special Agent Burns
  • Madison Goetzman: Chef
  • Sam Carroll: Sultan of Bashir
  • Abbey Bevan: Sultan’s Wife
  • Patrick Onofrey: Mr. Kasnar
  • Skyler Wrubleski: Countess Bordoni
  • Kaitlyn Robson: Special Agent Novotny
  • Patrick Onofrey, Francesca Memole, Paige Oeler, Abbey Bevan, Nathan Wittman, Billy Wivagg, Brooke Weber, Conner Witkowski, Caitlin Brady-Bishop: Guests / Rioters
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