Do-It-Yourself Prom Make-Up Looks

By: Meghan Shanahan and Kourtney Leech

Prom season is just around the corner for Seton-LaSalle students, taking place in the beautiful St. Nick’s Cathedral, on April 24. There is often a dispute between boys or girls paying more for prom but finally we have presented girls with the option to save a little money and still feel beautiful. For some, the thought of doing a nice makeup look on themselves brings big doubts, but have no fear! You will learn how to do three different makeup looks that you can choose from and make your own. In addition, all the products used can be found at your local drugstore.

Who’s getting excited?! Let’s jump right in to the step by step tutorial of three beautiful, easy to do, prom makeup looks.


First Look: Natural eye. For those who don’t wear makeup often and just want a little something extra for their special night.

Step 1: Start off by doing your normal foundation routine, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some good drugstore foundation suggestions to use are Revlon Photoready liquid foundation, or the Revlon Photoready powder if you want a lighter coverage, or use them together for more coverage. Take notice that if you use any products on your face like moisturizer or the foundation with a spf 15 or higher will reflect light in pictures, making your face look whiter than what it is.

Step 2: (optional) Use a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your skintone and apply just a dab under the eyes to brighten up your face and cover any darkness under your eyes. You can also apply concealer in areas you want more coverage.

Step 3: Lets begin with the eyes! Using a concealer or primer before applying the shadows will make the shadows more vibrant and last all night, use anything that has a tacky consistency. I used a concealer to cover any discoloration on my eyelid since we will be using lighter shades.

Step 4: Start with sweeping a light cream shade all over your lid with your ring finger.

Step 5: Add some depth to your look by adding a light brown matte shade to your crease. I do this by using a big fluffy brush so the color is softened. The crease is the area right where the eye socket goes in. Tip: look straight ahead and use your brush to feel where you can feel the bone. Using a blending brush and being patient and not giving up is the key to making any eye look.

Step 5: Use a dark brown matte shadow on a small applicator, I used a smudge brush that is small and dense, you can also use one of the eye applicators that come in eyeshadow palettes, or use a q-tip. Using a brush it the best option.  You are placing the darker brown on the outer portion of the eye for added depth.

Step 6: Eyeliner. It would be very very smart for you to practice doing your eyeliner and getting comfortable with your eye shape, because everyone’s are different. For this natural look you can either go in with a brown or black shadow with a small angled brush. Using a shadow as an eyeliner is a bit more forgiving and is not as intense but using a regular eyeliner is completely okay to do as well.

Step 7: Grab your small smudge brush with the dark brown and add a little under your lower lash line. If you are feeling a little more daring you can go in with a color that matches your dress. make sure you blend the brush, or q-tip by moving it back and forth until all the edges are soft and faded.

Step 8: Curl your lashes then apply a few coats of your favorite mascara.

Step 9: I really recomend this step, but if you aren’t comfortable you don’t have to. Fill in your eyebrows by using a shadow that is a little lighter than your hair color and blondes use a shade one shade darker than your hair color. You can also find eye pencils at the drugstore that look similar to an eyeliner to use to fill in your brows. Filling in your brows really brings everything together and especially in pictures they can often be lost if they aren’t.

Step 10: Grab a matte bronzer to add depth to your face by taking an angled fluffy brush, or even a smaller, denser brush for a more chiseled contour.  The goal here is to mimic a shadow the sun would make naturally on your face so make sure it is soft and blended like a shadow.

Step 11: Grab any blush you have and lightly apply it, sweeping it back all the way to the temple.

Step 12: (optional) use a lighter shadow it can be a tad shimmery and lightly sweep it across your cheekbones right above your blush. This just brings a certain glow to your face when the light hits it.


Step 13: (optional) Use a setting spray to set your makeup to ensure it lasts all night. E.l.f. cosmetics has one. This also takes away the powdery cakeyness.


Second Look: Hollywood for those wanting to achieve an elegant look.

do steps 1 & 2 from the previous look instructions (Face makeup application)

Step 3: Use a concealer over your eyes as a base for the shadows and to cover any discoloration on your eyes.

Step 4: take a light shade over your whole lid using your ring finger, this could be matte or shimmery, whatever you prefer.

Step 5: take a light brown matte shade and place in your crease to add depth.

Step 6: Winged eyeliner. I used a gel eyeliner from wet n wild which is amazing but you can use any eyeliner you have. it helps to have an angled brush to make the point very clean and sharp. If you struggle with making your wings symmetrical swipe a makeup wipe along the edges to clean up. Practice makes perfect.

Step 7: Applying false lashes. It is easiest for me to use tweezers to hold the lash right by the band and apply the glue right onto the band. You only need a thin layer. The key to this is waiting almost a minute for the glue to get tacky and use the tweezers to place the lash band as close to the regular lashes. If any ends fly up, take the other end of the tweezers and wipe some glue on it then press down on the lash

Repeat steps 8-13 from the previous look ( mascara, bronzer, blush, brows)


Third Look: Glam Smokey Eye

do steps 1 & 2 from the previous looks

Step 3: Prime the eyelids. I used a sephora brand primer and also used the maybelline color tattoo cream shadow as a base as well.

Step 4: I used a dark brown shimmery shade  from l’oreal infallible shadows and put it all over the lid but never higher than the crease.

Step 5: Once again, take the soft light brown shade on a big fluffy brush right into the crease going back and forth to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 6: On a smaller pencil/smudge brush, I lightly tap it into the black and I LIGHTLY place it on the outer corner of my eye, making a sideways v. I also took this under the lower lash line.

Step 7: Going back in with the big fluffy blending brush with noo product on it, move the brush back and forth in the crease.

Step 8: Style your eyeliner however you are comfortable

Step 9: Now would be the time to put on eyelashes, if you like.

Step 10: Fill in your brows, apply bronzer, blush, and a highlight if you like.

Step 11: Set with e.l.f. setting spray

Now you have three easy, elegant, make-up looks that are sure to “wow” your friends at prom without breaking the bank. Dance the night away!


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