Delay Days

By: Jenni Pitts –

Two-hour delays and district school closings due to bad weather conditions have been affecting Seton-La Salle high school students’ commute to school. Weather conditions in the Pittsburgh area have been varying significantly from district to district since the start of winter in late December. Students from all over South-Western Pennsylvania commute each morning to attend the school. Sadly, this poses for varying district delays and closings for the students.

Seton La Salle is located in Mt. Lebanon, and follows the delays and cancellations of Pittsburgh Public Schools. Students of the school ride buses from the bus company of their district, and these buses follow the delays and cancellations of the district that their garage is located, not the closings of Seton-La Salle. Therefore, many times students may be stuck without a bus ride to school if their district cancels on a day that the Catholic high school does not. If students chose to go in by bus two hours late, they will be marked with an excused tardy.

This leaves students scrambling to find a ride to school last minute. Cameron Trautman, an SLS attendee,  has had her fair share of district cancellations. “My brother was home from college for 3 weeks. I had to wake him up about 4 times, during that period of time, to get a ride to school because [my district] delayed but Seton did not,” said the freshman student.

She went on to say that her district, Canon McMillan, is not necessarily close to the school, therefore making the last minute change in the mornings very stressful and difficult.

When Ashlyn Stefanov, a freshman student, was asked about the issue, she proceeded to say: “It is very hard for me to get to school because both of my parents must be at work by 8:00. Not, to mention, my sister and I go to different schools, so they have to worry about another child getting to school as well.”

Another concern surrounding this issue is the fact that, if the road conditions are bad enough for a specific district to close, the students will still have to commute on these roads in order to get to school on time. This is a very big risk considering the roads may be icy and dangerous.

While a student may be excused for missing because of a district delay or cancellation, they still take the chance of missing important lessons, or even tests in their first two classes. While, if they choose to commute on the treacherous roads, they take the risk of injuring themselves. Although this is a major problem, there is no efficient way to solve it in sight.

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