Decking The Halls, One Locker At A Time

By: Jacob Kubick

For the second consecutive year, the Seton La Salle Student Council has decided to “Deck the Halls” to get in the holiday spirit by sponsoring a locker decorating contest. Students of all grade levels have decided to get in on the contest. The metal locker door is a blank canvas for students to let their imagination to run wild and get in the holiday spirit. Some are traditional, with ribbons wrapping paper, and also bows. However, some think outside the box with christmas lights and ornaments. Others think that their locker would not be complete without actually sticking a Christmas tree on the locker. Some like the home team so much that they put eight of their favorite players on and then put Santa hats on them.

Sophomore, Luke Manion says ”Decorating the lockers is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and compete against friends to have the most ‘Christmassy’ locker”  

Sophomore Alexis Mueller is amazed at the creativeness of students, saying “People are making snowmen among other things and sticking them on lockers. There wasn’t a lot of that last year. Everybody is really taking this to heart, and it is something to see.”

Some teachers have also decided to get in the spirit by decorating their doors, rooms, or both.

Sophomore Haley Johnson says “Decorating lockers not only helps students get in the holiday spirit, but also encourages them to express themselves and their personalities.”

Sophomore Jon Weir says “It is so nice to see all of the lockers decorated in the halls this year!”

The contest officially ended on December 15th and was judged by Student Council on December 18th. They awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The results are as follows:

1st place goes to Juliana Gahr, with her Pittsburgh Penguins themed locker

2nd place goes to Karolyne Rodriguez with her Puffy Snowman locker

3rd place goes to Paige Oeler with her Christmas Tree locker

Congratulations to the winners!

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