Dear Liz

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Dear Liz,
The Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up and I don’t know how to ask a guy out. What should I do?
-Nervous Girl
Dear Nervous Girl,
Well, first off I would just take a deeeep breath and relax. It’s totally normal to be nervous about this kind of thing! In all honesty, guys get just as nervous, if not more nervous, to ask girls out. So if you can pick up the courage and just go for it, he will probably be pretty impressed. Second, I suggest you ask in either a subtle, cute way or a straight forward way, anything too flashy might embarrass him. Slipping him a note in his locker or if you’re skyping one night, just ask. I advise you to not ask through a friend or get any other people involved; that’s usually pretty unnecessary and might be a turn off for him. Third, whatever response you get, life will go on. If he says yes, that’s totally awesome! If, unfortunately, he says no, as cliche as this sounds, it’s his loss. My final suggestion is if you think you might have a shot and just want to go for it, then do it. I myself have been in this position before and I can just say, I almost backed out, but I didn’t. If you do, you might regret it and miss a really great time. Good luck with everything! 🙂
Dear Liz,
I’m super afraid of public speaking. I have to give an oral report soon. Any advice?
-Stage Fright
Dear Stage Fright,
First thing to know is that everyone fears public speaking a little. Even those kids you see that appear super confident are nervous on some level; it’s just human nature. My best advice is to just become really familiar with your material. Practice, practice, practice. Whenever people get nervous during presentations, the first thing to go is their immediate memory and what they’re supposed to be doing at the moment. If you familiarize yourself with your report to the point it becomes second nature, IF you were to freeze up or blank out for a second, it will just flow naturally! Another reason people fear public speaking is they’re worried about not looking stupid, messing up, etc. When you practice, practice alone first and when you become comfortable enough with that, practice in front of someone and accept any feedback they may have. If you ask a family member or friend for an honest opinion, the majority of the time, they will tell you whether something is good or not. Don’t be afraid to ask for constructive criticism! Lastly, take a drink of water before class starts to get your vocal chords warmed up so you don’t choke up. When your turn to give your report comes up, stand up with confidence, take a long, deep breath and you will be just fine! 🙂
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