Cyber Days Provide a Wintery Mix of Opinions

By: Anthony Yauch –

The last full week of school that Seton La-Salle (SLS) had, was the week before Christmas vacation. This has resulted in many chrome from home (CFH) days and only one actual snow day. Now that SLS has had experience on these CFH days, everyone has their opinions about them, including the faculty.

“Absolutely” says Mr. Schrader when asked if students get enough work on CFH days to consider it a full day of school.

“I think that the teachers do a good job of ensuring the correct amount of work is assigned” Mr. Schrader expanded. He personally treats the CFH assignments as though he was absent on a day of school.

When asked if he would rather have a regular snow day, he said,  “No….. I like the idea of not making up all of those days.”

Students also had their own opinions to voice. “It should count as two school days. I get way more work on those CFH days than I do during three days of regular school.”” argues Senior Robert Lydic.

To no ones surprise, Mr. Lydic also states, “I would much rather have a snow day with no school work. I see no problem with making a few extra days up in the summer.”

Even freshmen have opinions on this matter. Tyler Bornschlegel says, “Yes, students get enough work on CFH days, even though sometimes it can be a little too much, but sometimes it’s just enough. I would rather have a CFH day because then we don’t have to make up for a snow day.”

 No matter what the opinion is on CFH days, this is a new feature to anyone from any school and still has a lot to offer as technology improves. Soon we might even have school on our chromebooks everyday and have no needs for text books. As for CFH days, this is just the next hint of how technology is changing our everyday lives for the future.

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