Crazed for Concords

The first place to see the Jordan Concord 11’s was on court. In Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, #23 shocked the world and astonished many when he stepped on the court in pair of never before seen kicks. The NBA would ban the shoes for not matching dress code and we would have to wait half a year for a given name and release.
These shoes were being released in select malls throughout the nation on December 23, 2011 at midnight, for $180.
Destination: Century III. Students Taylor Gray and Paige Malezi sat in front of Finish Line from 3:00 in the afternoon for the midnight release. My arrival was 6:00, but that was late for many. I was number 21 in line. When we approached the store, we were given a number and they recorded the size that we needed. As the night went on, the line grew. We were later surprised to see alumni Adam Marasco, Zack Dominic, Connor Harrington, Roman Vukmanovich, Dom Perella, Jake Noviki, and current student Timmy Blair. Once 12:00 hit, you could see the eager faces of the ones around us. Immediately, mall walkers eager for the same deal approached the manager of Finish Line trying to get a pass inside- needless to say they didn’t. Steeler’s Maurkice Pouncey also tried to trick the system to get his own pair, and surprisingly, didn’t get them.
Nationwide riots across the U.S. began as thousands gathered at local malls. Although, some believe these shoes shouldn’t have been released, they should have just “stayed in the past.” There were reports of mobs actually tearing down mall doors, many trampling over one another, and irritated shoppers rioting against police. I can thankfully say this did not happen at Century 3. Taylor, Paige, and myself decided to get Wet Seal bags to put our shoes in once we were leaving the mall, so that we weren’t at risk of being robbed or followed.
The night was a success. Leaving with my shoes in hand, I proudly walked out of the mall with my group of friends. Getting home at approximately 1:30, I was exhausted. Immediately, Roman and I put the shoes a bought on Ebay. That night, the shoes were bought for $330 dollars, to a man in Miami Florida. Looking back I can’t even help but wonder, what will people do for shoes?


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