Coping with Stress

By: Heather Martinez

In this day and age, high schoolers around the world are beyond stressed. With work, AP classes, SATs and ACTs, sports, and family, it is difficult to successfully mana

ge every activity. Seton LaSalle Guidance Counselor Judith Caves, Senior Natalie Onofrey, and Junior Carrie Marston will explain how they manage their stress, “I organize and plan my schedule carefully, so by keeping a calendar updated keeps me accountable— I try not to look too far ahead. ” Caves explained. “In my mind I also tell myself when did worrying about anything ever change the outcome? And just do the right thing. Also, I swim a few miles every day before work; exercising vigorously really puts me in a good frame of mind. The sense of accomplishment helps me to feel like I can handle the next challenge. And, I pray, a lot… Even when I am swimming. I try to realize that I am blessed and have much to be grateful for you. I then think of those who aren’t so blessed and pray for them.” While Caves had diverse methods, Onofrey took a more creative one, “I like to use creative outlets,” Onofrey responded. “I like figure skating, playing instruments, and writing.” Onofrey channels her stress into creative outlets and uses them to take her mind off of things. As for Marston, she relied on her friends, “They mean the world to me; I feel like I can tell them anything,” Marston confirmed. “I can always rely on them no matter what and when I think of that, I feel my worries kind of disappear.” Marston’s friends help her and gives advice that guides her to make good decisions. Ultimately, when dealing with stress, whether it be school, work, or family, channeling your energy in a positive manner and surrounding yourself with people you love helps you cope. 

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