Computer Tech Club

By: Katherine Quigley

Grayson Kisker, with the help of Mr. Kramer as a moderator, is carrying on the legacy of John Kist, an alumni who brought Computer Technology Club into motion. Kisker is now working hard to encourage students to join the sessions held after school on announced days in the computer lab. The first meeting was a success, bringing in students from all grades with a common interest in the fast-advancing technology of computers and their accessories.

Kisker gave insight as to what the club was all about. He responded, “We’re basically going to be trying to incorporate all aspects of computers in modern-day culture. We’ll be bridging into robotics, coding, and 3-D printing as well as hopefully taking a field trip downtown to this cool place so we can use their materials to work on a project with the group.” The 3-D printer was clearly the center of attraction for the majority of those attending. It is a rarity to have hands-on access to such state of the art technology.

Mr. Kramer commented on how 3D printing works by saying, “It revolves on a round platter and it takes the raw material [plastic] and melts it into the shape that you program it to make.”

The potential that this club has is at its absolute peak, so the perfect time to join is now! It will serve as an outlet for those seeking a trendy and practical new hobby and will satisfy even experienced “computer wizards” who want a chance to get involved in a school setting, teaching the group some new tricks.

Helen Nee, a member of the club, joined because she was interested in, “…the future of technology, which is a rapidly growing field.” This club will also be extremely helpful in getting students to learn more about coding and programming before signing up for the computer science course here at Seton- La Salle. If you are interested in pursuing computer technology as an occupation or plan on taking classes in college, this club is certainly meant for you. Meetings will be held on announced Fridays after school in the Computer Lab. If you are interested, stop into a meeting to check out what’s happening and encourage your friends to give it a try. Whether you are tech savvy or digitally challenged, Computer Technology Club is guaranteed to intrigue you

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