College Bound

By: Caneel Eddy

Three Seton-La Salle seniors have already committed to the colleges of their choice for various sports. Nico Popa committed to the University of Pittsburgh for baseball on July 27th of this year. Liam Sweeney made his decision on September 20th to play football for the University of Albany in New York. Lastly, Olivia Caragein committed to Seton Hill in Greensburg, Pennsylvania on September 17th for lacrosse. These three students excel in their sports and are excited to continue to play at the collegiate level. When asked questions about their college choices, Olivia, Nico and Liam’s responses were as follows:

What made you choose this college to continue your education?

Olivia: Seton Hill was one of my top picks from the beginning for several reasons. It is close to home and small, which enables me to focus on my education, as well as playing a division 2 sport.
Nico: I grew up a Pitt fan and have wanted to play baseball there ever since I was little.
Liam: The University of Albany offered me a football scholarship and I felt it was the best fit for me as an athlete and as a student.

What are you interested in studying as of now?

Olivia: I am looking into the 5 year Physician Assistant program. However, I am also interested in their pre-professional health science programs.
Nico: I plan to study business.
Liam: Right now I am planning to study business.

What are you most excited about?

Olivia: I am excited to play lacrosse at the next level and meet new people.
Nico: I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play baseball at a division 1 school in my hometown.
Liam: I’m excited to play at one of the highest levels of football.

Were there any people that influenced your decision?

Olivia: Seton LaSalle alumni, along with the lacrosse coach, made me want to go to Seton Hill. Everyone on the team was welcoming and friendly and I felt like I had a lot in common with them.
Nico: My friends and family influenced me the most.
Liam: My dad is a coach at the University of Albany. Also, I met Coach Greg Gattuso, who also influenced my decision.

What is one goal you have for your future in your sport?

Olivia: I only started playing lacrosse my freshman year in high school, so I still have a lot to learn and improve upon. I intend to help Seton Hill’s team in any way that I can to continue their success.
Nico: I hope to one day play in the college World Series.
Liam: My goal is to win a National Championship.

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