Chromebook Policies

By: Zoe Baumcratz –

For the past 2 years, Seton La Salle and Worth Avenue Group (WAG) had offered group policy pricing for Chromebook insurance. This year, it was decided that it would be better for each individual family to purchase their own insurance policy.

Although Seton-La Salle has chosen to no longer promote Worth Avenue Group’s policy, if a family previously purchased a multi-year insurance policy, their policies are still in effect. Mr. Kramer said that Seton La Salle does not plan on offering group pricing in the future because “it was felt that the best option was to allow families to choose the insurance carrier or company the suited their needs.”

This year, it was decided that protective cases would be provided to better prevent the Chromebooks from damaging. If a Chromebook does happen to have a problem, or it breaks, the student needs to take the Chromebook to any company that is certified to repair the Chromebook. Most families at Seton La Salle have chosen Best Buy. The time it takes to repair a Chromebook is dependant on where the Chromebook is taken to be repaired and how damaged the Chromebook is. The minimum time it takes to repair a Chromebook is approximately 2-3 weeks.

While the Chromebook is being repaired, Seton La Salle offers loner Chromebooks to students that are eligible. To qualify for a loaner unit, a student must have proof of an approved insurance claim, or they must have the Chromebook replaced or repaired. If a student does not have insurance, they can still borrow a loaner Chromebook, but only for 30 days while their Chromebook is being repaired. If a Chromebook is so damaged that it cannot be repaired, then the student must follow their insurance company’s policy for replacement. If a student does not have insurance, then they must purchase a new Chromebook through the school.

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