Chromebook Inventory: APRIL 12th

By: Katie Quigley –

Students’ chromebooks will be reviewed beginning on April 12th in the library during lunch periods. DTS, Seton-La Salle’s IT partner, plans to check the functionality of all chromebooks for grades 9 through 11 before the end of this school year. Be prepared for the review of, “screen condition, stability of ports, usability of the keyboard and trackpad, plus operation of the motherboard.” Students should also be sure to bring the protective cases that were issued last year. Although the threat that was received in the spring of last year required students to remove these cases, they are expected to use them now that school security has improved.
The reason for this chromebook check is to determine the next steps that must be taken so that all students will have a working device and protective case. The announcement is rather vague when it comes to repair, stating, “Chromebooks which need repaired may be taken to local repair shops. Loaners may be issued when a work order for the repair is presented to the librarian depending on availability.” Damages to the devices are likely to cause concern for many students who have been ignoring these issues and opting to continue school without the Chromebook because it seems as if students will be expected to personally pay for their repairs. Mrs. Schmidt summed this up by stating, “If (students) don’t have a case, they will have to purchase another one. Chromebooks are school-issued assets that students have to repair or replace if not repairable.”
The announcement states that replacement chromebooks must be purchased through Seton-La Salle because of the, “education license required to connect to our closed network.” This rules out the opportunity for students to instead purchase a different computer or bring one from home to use in school. Whether students like it or not, chromebooks are here to stay and this process will help to solve the school-wide epidemic of both broken and useless educational tools.

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