Chromebook Cases: Durable Armor or Heavy Nuisance?

By: Angela Rusnak –

Last year was quite hectic regarding our Chromebooks. A shortage of Chromebooks and spare parts left many students without their computers for months at a time. This year, the faculty hopes to prevent even more breakages with a set of armor for the Chromebooks. Each Chromebook is now equipped with a padded case intended to guard against damage. The cases were donated by DTS. “There’s still a shortage of parts,” says Mr. Kramer. “The cases should reduce the number of repairs, and we’ll have less people without Chromebooks.”

“The more breakages we have, the longer it takes to get the Chromebooks back,” says Mr. Joyce. “We needed a better emphasis on taking care of the Chromebooks and treating them as a valuable tool. These past few years were a series of tests with the Chromebooks, and I think we’re ready to use them as a good educational tool.”

The cases have evoked mixed responses from the students. Many students have complained that the cases are heavy, awkward to carry, and don’t fit in their backpacks. Students who already had cases for their Chromebooks can no longer use their old cases. Some students originally thought that the cases would snap onto the Chromebooks, similar to a phone case, but these types of cases are only designed for the silver Chromebooks and are not as portable. Despite these grievances, many students agree that the cases do provide strong defense against damage.

This new contribution to the application of computer science in our school is another stepping stone in the process of making our educational resources easily accessible and preservable. With the recent developments, it’s clear to see that Seton-La Salle is evolving as center of learning and technology.


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