Changes at Seton La Salle

By: Caitlyn Guerriero and Heather Martinez

Seton LaSalle has seen many changes in our four years of being here. We spoke to Krista Molinero, a Senior, Mrs. Marybeth Heintz, health teacher, Michael Chadderton, a Senior, and Cameron Bristol also a Senior regarding how the school has changed. 

“A lot of teachers that we started out with ended up leaving the school by the time we graduated, like they would retire or go and work at another school. Many rules were changed and things ended up getting more strict and the student handbook was changed a lot compared to freshman year.” Krista Molinero confirmed.

Mrs. Heintz also had much to say about the changes that occured at Seton LaSalle.

“The nine period days are a huge change – for the students and for the teachers. The computer lab also changed for the better.”

“The reinstatement of Chrome from Home for snow days or off days also was a big change. Chrome from Home can be used for up to five days,” Mrs Heintz stated.

Cameron Bristol agreed with Molinero, “Many teachers left so that’s a big change for the students and some major innovations were done inside the school. The computer lab changed a lot, the school’s physical appearance improved from Freshman year to Senior year.” 

Chadderton added, “Different rooms were painted and some of the teachers switched their classrooms around. The library was re-done, the lockers changed, the school altogether got more advanced.” 

“All together, the school changed a lot in the four years I have been here.” Chadderton confirmed.

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