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By: Abby Bender –

Over the past week, homeroom teachers have been conducting Chromebook checks. Students had to show their homeroom teacher their Chromebook and show that it was in working condition. Mrs. Schmidt was asked why these inventory checks are being done. She said, “The Chromebooks are an asset of the school. It would be like if your Chemistry book was lost or damaged. If you went to your Chemistry teacher and asked them what to do, they would tell you that you need to buy a new one.”

When asked what will happen if students do not have a working Chromebook, Mrs. Schmidt said that their parents will be notified, although she is not sure how they will be notified. “Probably by letter,” she added.

This was the first time that the Chromebook inventory check has been done by homeroom teachers. In the past students have been required to turn their Chromebook in for the day while they have attended events like retreats. When asked why there was a change in procedure for the inventory checks, Mrs. Schmidt said, “For the sake of efficiency.”

When asked if she thought that this procedure was indeed more efficient, she said that overall she believes that it was. However, she explained that there might be a few cases where a Chromebook needs to be looked at by a DTS Technician because they are capable of being turned on, but may not be fully functional. However she is hopeful that these cases are few and far between.

The question that many students ask is why do they need to buy a new one? Why can’t they just borrow one from others or do the work at home? When asked if it affects him or his class when a student does not have a Chromebook, Mr. Murtaugh said that he does not care. “If the student does not have their computer, it’s up to them to get the work done. It does not affect me.”

Contrarily, some other teachers have a real problem with students not having Chromebooks. Mrs. Parker said that in order to have her class run the way it is supposed to, a student must have a Chromebook. With so many students missing theirs, she finds it hard for to accomplish things she wants to in her classes.

When asked if he thinks that not having a chromebook is a problem for him, Jared Capozza says “I don’t think it affects me that much. Most of the time I am able to borrow one from another student when I need one. The only class that is sometimes a problem for me is Modern Media because we need our Chromebooks every day.”

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