Catholic School’s Week

By: Sam Kostyak

Every year, we have Catholic School’s Week around the end of January.  This has been a tradition celebrated through the years here at Seton-La Salle as part of a nationwide effort to promote high academic standards and Catholic identity.  It is a well known tradition for all Catholic schools. This year, the theme is, “Catholic Schools Raise the Standards.”

We celebrate Catholic School’s Week with mass, activities, and dress down days.  Mass will be held on Friday, February 1st and will be dedicated to Catholic School’s Week.  For activities, the variety show has been scheduled for Thursday.  Most of the student’s favorite part of this week is the dress down days. This year for dress down days we have Monday as green-and-gold day, Tuesday as grade school day, and Thursday as a charity dress down day.

For the charity dress down day, Seton-La Salle will be donating their $2 contributions to Neighbors in Need.  Neighbors in Need has fed the hungry for 30 years.  They also feed 500 families each week at 11 food pantries.

Student Council plans the events and activities for the week. Emily Hutchison, addressed one of their biggest challenges,  “The hardest part is probably deciding what day should be which dress down and trying to accommodate everyone.”

Nick Sywyj, President of Student Council, is the ringleader for the planning. “I do a fair amount of planning, but all of student council works together and agrees on everything.”

Catholic School’s Week is a week for all Catholic schools to promote themselves.  It gives them a chance to show some spirit.  Sarah Mallon, also on student council said, “I think kids look forward to all of the dress down days and getting to see what themes we do each day.” Having this week is a privilege to all schools participating in Catholic School’s Week.  Hope you enjoy yours!

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