Catholic Schools Week

By: Griffin Gillespie – 

Catholic Schools Week is a week recognized by the Catholic schools in America celebrating our religious education in the United States that always begins on the last Sunday of January. Catholic Schools Week was started in 1974 by the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association). During Catholic Schools Week, parishes will typically celebrate by having masses, open houses, and much more for students, parents, and parish members to enjoy. This week is a way to thank God for giving us the blessing of receiving a good Catholic education.

With Catholic Schools Week comes great fun here at Seton-La Salle. From dress down days to a variety show, SLS promotes the spirit of the week through exciting events designed to get student participation and involvement in the week. On Monday and Tuesday, SLS has dress down days representing our favorite sports teams and our grade school. These themes are a great way for students to learn more about each other.  On Wednesday night, the variety show takes place for all to see and enjoy.  On Thursday and Friday, Seton has two more dress down days, one raising donation funds for Saint Vincent de Paul and another showing off our Rebel pride.

Many students and teachers here at Seton-La Salle High School love Catholic Schools Week.

Nicholas Bono, a senior here at Seton-La Salle, states that Catholic Schools Week is a good opportunity to show our school spirit, and that his favorite part of the celebration is the variety show.

“My favorite part of Catholic Schools Week is not having to wear a uniform or tie,” says freshman, Kyle Killen.

Sarah Farnan, also a freshman, has a different favorite part of the week. “My favorite part of Catholic Schools Week is going to Mass as a school.”

Catholic Schools Week is a great way to show pride and dedication to Seton-La Salle High School.  In addition to being a fun way to participate in the Catholic School Community, it allows us the opportunity to learn more about our fellow students and teachers.  It is truly a great event and will continue to be a wonderful tradition for years to come.


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