Boys Volleyball Motivated to Have a Great Season

By: Lindsay Laverty –


The boys’ volleyball team at Seton- La Salle is known for their hard work, dedication, and overall good players. Though it has not always been the most popular sport here, it is quite obvious that the boys love what they do. Whether it’s in practices, games, or even their appearances in the popular tradition of All Night Volleyball; their sportsmanship and teamwork shines.


This year the team is back and it has grown to its biggest size ever. With a whopping 29 players, 19 of them new, the boys have outnumbered the 8 seniors they lost this year. Nevertheless their coaches, Katie Jackson and Mark Felbinger agree that this is both a rebuilding year and a year for greatness. “The team’s looking really good this year,” said Jackson. “We have a really big team and it’s a bit of a slow start due to all the new kids, but it’s definitely building up speed. They’re all a great group of kids and overall, we’re really excited!”

For Coach Mark Felbinger, this is not his first year coaching some of these boys. He coached current senior players Grayson Kisker, Evan Szejko, and Jimmy Lydic their freshman year. “I’m really excited to be back with the boys again,” Felbinger said. “With the competitiveness and enthusiasm of the boys, we’re going for a section title this year. The loss of our seniors from last year hurt us a little so our main goal is to stay constant in our winning despite losing them. The team is huge this year as well, so that definitely helps.”


The coaches aren’t the only ones who are excited though. The boys are on fire for this new year. Seniors Szejko and Kisker both agree that the main goal in their last year is to go big or go home. In fact, that seems to be the mentality of the entire team.


Junior Ryan Kendrick has only the highest expectations for himself and his teammates. “We’re going to try to have a successful season, win section, and make the drive to WPIAL’s,” said Kendrick.


But the really amazing thing about this team is not just their competitiveness and drive! Rather it’s their spirit and welcoming attitudes. Everyone on the team gets along with each other and are always happy to help each other out. More brothers than teammates, they demonstrate this on the court and off. “The best part of being on this team is meeting the new people and really getting to know them,” said sophomore Caleb Klemick. “We just really want to get the new kids into the game this year and show them what it’s like to be on the team.”
This outlook is shared by all members of the team including Devin Gilfoyle, a junior who summed up the team in his own words. “I’d say the best thing about being on this team is that we are all like a family. We spend time before practices together and get along really well. We are also all supportive of each other when mistakes are made. It’s really a great team.”

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