Boys Lacrosse

By: Lauria Pascuzzi

             This season for the Seton – La Salle boy’s lacrosse team is looking bright. They went from last year with a 32-1 loss against Baldwin, to this year with a close 4-3 win against Norwin. The starting line up for the Rebels last season consisted of, Dom Perella, Eric Sowinski, Brandon Schnupp, and Jake Ginser none of which had any prior lacrosse experience. This year our line up begins with Cory Smigielski, John Wray, Mike Rickard, Mike Brust, Jon Kotek, Dave Zorn, and Charlie Manderino all with one year of experience. The rest of the boys that start have never played lacrosse before however, a number of our athletes have significant experience in other sports.  

            The coaches are working very well with the boys that have never played before. They are hoping to make it to play-offs in only their second year, since they are brand new to Seton-La Salle.  

 Nicknames assigned by: Mike Rickard and Cory Smigielski

Rickard – the enforcer

Smigielski – the brick wall

Wray- the arrogant one

Brust – the soccer ball

Maggs- big D

Kotek- speedy Gonzales

Messina – Livv

Zorn – mvp-Z

Charlie- the tank

McGervey – the tank 2

Sebastian- the green card

Photos by: Michelle Potenziani and Samantha Gallos

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