Boy’s Lacrosse Team: Rebuilding

By: Jack Lackner

Currently the Seton-La Salle boys lacrosse team is going through a period of hard work, and a tough rebuilding process hoping to capture another successful season. Last season the team was able to compete with both a JV and Varsity team. Unfortunately, after the 2013-2014 season, 17 valuable senior players graduated, and the head coach moved on..

After last season there was a worry that it would be hard to field a team. This year though, the team hired a new coach, who looks like he will be a huge help. The upcoming season has already been labeled as a “rebuilding year.” This basically means this season will mostly consist of recruiting new players and teaching them basics to build on for the years to come.

The new coach Kevin Deviney sees that the team is small but has a more optimistic view than some players. Deviney says,”This year will be tough because of the small turn out, but I see it as a good time to work hard and make an impact. It will be harder than a year with a large team, but my goal is still to go far and possibly go to the WPIAL playoffs.”

The view of some of the players differs greatly. Matt Lackner, a returning varsity player said, “I don’t see the team going very far this year. We are going to take what we get and work hard, but the chance of a playoff berth seems lower than it did in past years.”

The season starts next week, the team is gonna give it all they got and look for a successful season this year. Support from the students always helps, some come out and catch a game.


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