Bowling Team Season Ends

By: Melissa Smith

We have a bowling team? This is the answer that most people at Seton – La Salle High School would give when either a practice or game announcement is made. The bowling team rarely gets any attention despite being around for a couple years now.

The team practices every Monday and has a game every Wednesday. The bowling alley which they use, is Legacy Lanes in Baldwin.

The girls’ coach is John Jeffery and the boys’ coach is Mark Wright. The teams consist of a JV and a Varsity team. The bowling teams are Western Pa Interscholastic Bowling League (WPIBL) champs for the years 2004 and 2005. They are also section champs for those years too. This year the teams did not make it to the WPIBL. They had a match to determine if they were going to go to the WPIBL on  February 6, 2013  at Elizabeth Forward.

However, Senior Madison Wrubleski will be representing Seton-La Salle in the individual competitions. “I’m excited because I feel like this is my year, so fingers crossed,” said Wrubleski.

This year’s bowling teams consist of a lot of newcomers. Senior Becky DeMarco liked the new players.  She said, “All of our new freshmen were really nice and it’s great to know when us seniors leave that there will be a team next year.”

“ It feels a little sad that this is my last year, but at the same time I’ve made lots of memories with the team and I think I’m just ready to move onto college,” said DeMarco about graduating.

Senior Danielle Redinger said, “ It was a good season and it’s sad that it’s over I loved my teammates and had a great time.”

The bowling team’s last game was on February 13, 2013 at Legacy Lanes versus Thomas Jefferson.        

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